Who we are and what we believe

We believe that innovation drives business. This is especially true in the digital age of the 21st century. The Czech economy has a chance to keep pace with developed countries only if it can offer skilled and educated employees who are ready to respond flexibly to the changing labour market in favour of robotization. Investing in innovation in manufacturing and services and excellence in education is the right path for the Czech Republic. 

Contact us. VUPI is here for you in these areas of concrete and professional cooperation:

Technology transfer between research and industry and business

With the MAPAVIN web application, we implement cooperation between companies and research organisations and thus contribute to a higher application of research in the corporate sphere. Use our app and get the most out of your collaboration with research as a company at www.mapavin.cz. Do you need to innovate, develop a new product or perhaps improve an existing one? Connect with research institutes and achieve your goal.

Verification the digital maturity of companies and then consult on solutions

We cooperate with major players in the field of digitalisation in companies. We offer an initial test www.digitalnipodnik.cz/test to determine the digital maturity of a company and then develop a solution proposal with our partners. Do you want to test yourself? Thinking about strengthening the innovation capacity, competitiveness and sustainable performance of SMEs? Are you interested in improving the level of digitalization and gaining new competitive advantages?

Using virtual and augmented reality for learning and business

VUPI is one of the leading providers of modern virtual reality elements and techniques in education, which we have tested in the context of educating secondary school students. We consider the use for business purposes as supportive development tools. Are you as a company looking for new tools and applications for your products for export markets? Do you want to educate your employees in a modern way using new technologies? Take advantage of our know-how, technical equipment and cooperation with leading experts in the world of virtual and augmented reality.



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