We have started supporting women in ICT

We have started supporting women in ICT

With the Chamber of Commerce and Huawei, we have launched a programme to support the representation of women and girls in technology.

The Chamber of Commerce, through the Research Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (VUPI), in cooperation with the technology company Huawei, has long sought to support talented and driven women, particularly from the startup environment, in their development within the Women In Tech project.

The programme was launched with a roundtable on the occasion of the Future City Tech Říčany 2022 event. The aim this year is to present successful and specific women who are entrepreneurs and have been supported in the startup environment through specific support for selected activities.

“In our Women In Tech project, we work with professional teams that support specific projects in the startup environment, where we find girls and women. These women prove through their success stories that it can be done. We are proud and proud that Women In Tech has concrete faces and stories that can further motivate new talents especially in the female population. In the age of digitalisation, our project is specifically targeting the support of girls and women who have decided to become entrepreneurs in modern technology,” outlined the motivation of VUPI’s director Martin Frélich.

In cooperation with leading start-up service providers, the programme aims to help develop the competencies of women who are implementing their business plans. It focuses on educational activities and supports events and activities in cooperation with partners that enable women in the ICT sector to develop their entrepreneurial skills and capabilities.

The selected women start-ups will also be jointly recognised by these partners at the end of 2022, further raising awareness and breaking down stereotypes in this field.

The partners have been working on the project since the beginning of the year, when VUPI and Huawei agreed to collaborate and promote women in the startup environment as part of the Huawei Women in Technology program (read more here). Huawei is the main partner of the project.

“As an entrepreneur and founder of Diversio, I see how women are underrepresented and supported in startups. Last year, only 1% of investments in the CEE region went to female-led startups. There is currently a shortage of up to 15,000 ICT experts in the Czech Republic.

I am glad that the unique Women In Tech programme will help both to raise awareness of the opportunities for girls and women to enter the promising ICT segment and to take the concrete projects already launched to the international level,” adds Women In Tech project coordinator Linda Štucbartová.

“Supporting start-ups, discovering and developing talent that will help kick-start the digital economy in our country, and increasing the representation of women in the ICT sector are our long-term priorities. The Women in Tech project is therefore an ideal combination of these activities. We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the development of the domestic female startup scene,” says Dina Mašínová, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Huawei’s Czech branch.